Veteran's Disability Claims Lawyer


Any military veteran with a disability that is a direct result of their time serving may qualify for disability benefits. All benefits are paid to those who have a disability or injury that occurred during their active duty, or that were made worse by the work performed while on active duty. Some veterans injured or disabled by VA health care can also receive benefits.

Additional amounts may also be paid to those have a very serious disability, those who have lost a limb or limbs, those who have dependent parents, and in some cases, those with a disabled spouse.


VA Disability Attorney Shantrell Nicks of the Nicks Law Firm is here to be sure you receive the benefits you deserve for your disability resulting from active military service. She understands the complicated process of filing and appealing a VA Disability Benefits claim. There is a multitude of ways your claim can be hampered by bureaucratic pitfalls and red tape, and she knows how to navigate these claims through the inherently difficult process to serve your best interests.


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